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Summer camp program


08:00 Wake Up

08:30 Attendance and early riser activity by the forest


09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Work in groups - Teambuilding

(Teambuilding aims different goals per day. First day, there are getting-to-know-better activities – names, their interests, etc. Next there are games that allow us to know each other furtherly – strategy games with missions which also gives them common adventures moments)


12:00 Workshops:

  • Art and crafts (clay, culinary, baking in the oven (in Georgian Tone), hand-made things);

  • Building a survival shelter with natural materials;

  • Hiking to the caves under the guidance of a certified guide;

  • First Aid training (guided by a certified doctor who’s also experienced working with children. Training will be both fun and informative so that the learning process will be effective);

  • Personal Development training: (The invited trainer works in groups according to age on various topics: communication, self-assessment, conflict resolution, teamwork);


14:00 Lunch

15:00 Quiet hour, time for communicate with parents, reading;

16:00 Free time

 (Trampoline; Board Games; Football; Basketball; Volleyball; Ping-Pong – all, if they wish)

17:00 Afternoon Snack

17:30 Teambuilding Games: Impossible Mission; Quidditch; CupBall; Ballooning; water-pong, 90s games;

19:30 Dinner

20:30 Evening Program - Werewolf, Campfire, Scavenger Hunt, Karaoke, Color Festival; What? Where? When? 

21:30 – Evening Reflection, summing up the day;


The program is created by child development specialists and youth workers. It focuses on physical and cognitive development and improves psychosocial skills. Camp aims to spend time in the forest as much as possible and have very productive and memorable time together;


There are experienced and qualified leaders working with children; Their approaches are respectful, caring and objective.


“Nunisi Resort” hosts the Green Camp

Satisfaction Guarantee

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